NFL Rumors: NFL Not Considering Change To Fields Following Injuries

The NFL has been coming under criticism from players, coaches, agents and former players in recent times due to the non-contact injuries suffered by many players this season on turf fields, to the point where the possibility of switching to natural grass fields has become a genuine talking point, but yesterday, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seemed to shoot down the idea among NFL owners. 

Speaking on local Dallas radio yesterday, Jones said that no facts bear out that as a truth, talking about natural fields seeing less injuries than turf, and according to him, the NFL have no intentions anytime soon of switching to the natural grass fields.

Whatever happens, something needs to be done about all the non-contact or field related injuries we've seen this year, and while the NFL don't seem to be responding to the idea of switching surfaces, they'll need to look into some form of alternative, as the injuries have been getting ridiculous as of late, but there's no doubt the league and it's owners are looking into it.

Photo Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports