NFL Rumors: Price To Acquire The Commanders Potentially Revealed

The NFL has been bursting with breaking news over the pat few weeks, but the biggest of all perhaps is that Dan and Tanya Snyder, the owners of the Washington Commanders are potentially looking into the sale of the franchise, which has been a major talking point as of late, especially following the comments made by the Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay a few weeks ago. 

The biggest sale in recent times was that of the Denver Broncos, who were sold for $4.56 billion, but according to Ian Rapoport in valuations given to him, the Commanders sale could go up to a price as high as $7 billion, which would be the biggest sports franchise sale in history. 

The Snyders haven't yet confirmed whether they will officially look to sell the franchise or not, but with names like Jeff Bezos and Jay-Z potentially interested in the purchase, this is a story worth monitoring, but with that type of money involved, it's hard to predict whether or not the family is going to sell, and this will certainly continue to be a developing story.

Photo Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports