Two NFL Divisions Chasing History In 2022

The NFL has been around for over 75 years now, and that's a long time to make plenty of history, so whenever a team or a player is chasing a milestone, it's big news, but not often does one division, let alone two have a chance to make history in the same year.

Not once in NFL history has an entire division finished with a record above .500, but right now, both the NFC and AFC East are on track to get to that mark, as the Washington Commanders got to 5-5 with their win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football. These divisions feature both the surprising New York teams, along with the playoff mainstays like Buffalo, New England and Dallas, and when you add in the Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles and red-hot Commanders, these are the two best divisions in football.

Obviously, a lot can happen in the coming 8 weeks, but for now, these divisions are both on track to create history, and if the season were to end today, all 8 of these teams would be in the playoffs, which is something that absolutely nobody would have expected when the year began, but it will certainly be a fun chase for history to watch. 

Photo Credit:  Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports