Denver Broncos Defender To Appeal Suspension

While it was a meaningless game in the spectrum of a playoff race in Week 16, there are plenty of talking points coming out of the Los Angeles Rams decimation of the Denver Broncos, with two separate incidents standing out, and unfortunately for Denver, it led to a one game suspension for Randy Gregory after he was involved in an altercation on the field that resulted in punches being thrown.

Now, it appears that Gregory is going to appeal his suspension with just two games left in the 2022 campaign, issuing a statement on Monday in the hopes that he can be cleared to play in the final two matchups of the year against the Chiefs and Chargers.

He's managed to play just six games thus far in 2022 with this elite Broncos defence, and has tallied just 12 tackles and 2 sacks, so while the season is already over, it's clear that Gregory wants to finish it on the right note as the Broncos look to build momentum ahead of a potential bounce back in 2023.

Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports