Former Teammate Blasts Cardinals' Kyler Murray

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson didn't hold anything back when asked about ex-teammate Kyler Murray. Sounds like the Arizona Cardinals quarterback was not very well liked by Peterson or anyone on his team for that matter. 

Peterson was a guest on the "All Things Covered" podcast with Bryant McFadden and had this to say:

Kyler Murray don't care about nobody but Kyler Murray. (When asked about using their coach as a scapegoat) - Ain't no maybe, he will. The crazy thing about it is the guy who hired (Kingsbury) will still have a job

And while a lot of people say things about athletes all the time, and a lot of it goes either unnoticed or not responded to, this time Murray responded immediately so you can tell there's a history between the two.  

This seems to have all stemmed from the Cardinals' recent 25-24 loss to the LA Chargers and after the game Murray was not happy with the offensive calls by their head coach- "Schematically, we were kinda f___ked". Arizona sits 4-8 on the field and seem to have their fair share of drama off the field.

Photo credit:  Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports