Houston Texans Intend to Continue 2-Quarterback System

The Houston Texans are 1-11-1, and they're about to get weird with it. According to KPRC2's Aaron Wilson, the team intends to continue a platoon system at quarterback where Davis Mills and Jeff Driskel split snaps for Week 15's matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Texans implemented the unusual approach in their heartbreaking Week 14 27-23 loss to the Dallas Cowboys to modest success, but modest success is a huge step up for the Texans this year. Mills and Driskel combined for 213 passing yards, one passing touchdown, and one interception. Driskel also added 38 rushing yards on seven attempts.

The Texans' season is definitely lost, so there's a certain logic to using the remaining games on the schedule to evaluate every single player on the roster. But at 29 years old, Driskel is probably a known quantity in the league. Conversely, Mills may still develop into a more competent player; he's only in his second year, after all. If they're at all close, the Texans have more to gain from playing Mills than they do from Driskel.

Then again, priorities change when you're 1-11-1. If the Texans are subtly and gleefully embracing tanking, then sabotaging Mills' development by playing Driskel suddenly makes a bit more sense. The Texans have the inside track at the 2023 NFL Draft's first overall pick and whatever player they deem worthy of the pick. Maybe it's a quarterback, and maybe that means the Texans have already moved on from Mills.

Photo Credit: © Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports