Wide Receiver Beckham May Not Play This Year

Either the Dallas Cowboys are trying to throw other teams off the scent, or they got some bad news on free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. According to ESPN's Ed Werder, a physical has cast doubt over the three-time Pro Bowler's potential to recover from his January ACL tear in time to play before mid-January.

Beckham tore his ACL for the second time since 2020 during the Los Angeles Ram's Super Bowl LVI  win over the Cincinnati Bengals earlier this year. Given there are only five weeks remaining in the regular season and he would likely need time to learn a scheme and ramp up to playing shape with a new team, he's running out of time to make an impact this year.

The Cowboys are 9-3 and in line to make themselves heard in the playoff, but even the most confident team doesn't make plans beyond the Divisional Round. Beckham played eight mediocre regular season games for the Rams (38.1 yards per game, 6.4 yards per target) before eventually making an impact in the playoffs (72.0, 11.1). It isn't realistic to expect him to debut as an immediate difference-maker for the Cowboys in the playoffs, even if fully healthy.

At this late hour, Beckham has nothing to gain from joining a team beyond keeping his name in the news. The riches he seeks aren't waiting for him, and he shouldn't risk his health for a fleeting chance at glory. He's better off focusing on his rehab and positioning himself for a dramatic 2023 return with a team he has an established relationship with. Maybe that's the Cowboys. Maybe that's the Rams. 

Photo Credit: © Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK