NFL Announces 15 Finalists For The 2023 Football Hall Of Fame

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is one of the most prestigious in the sporting world, and in 2023, the NFL announced 15 finalists for the 2023 class, and among them are some clear favourites to make the Hall and some very popular names in recent times.

Highlighting this class are names like Darrelle Revis, DeMarcus Ware, Joe Thomas, Devin Hester, Patrick Willis and Jarred Allen among others, and it's safe to say that narrowing these down to worthy candidates will be a tough job. 

On their own, all 15 of these names are worthy candidates for the Hall of Fame, with some players that defined the previous generation of football players for kids around the world, and now, it comes time for recognition, so who do you think of these 15 should make the Hall?

Photo Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports