NFL Breaks Single Season Record For Starting QB's

The NFL's 2022 season has been one of the greatest in recent memory, with plenty of drama, highlights and surprises, and with the playoffs approaching, it's bound to just get better, and in Week 18, the NFL is going to break yet another record.

Whether it's a good one to break or not isn't quire certain at this point, but with the Washington Commanders announcing that Sam Howell will start against Dallas in Week 18, he will be the 65th player to start a game in 2022/23, marking an NFL record for the most in a single year.

With teams like Arizona, Miami, Los Angeles, Baltimore, New York and others dealing with injuries at the Quarterback position, it's certainly cost them plenty of games, but it shows the depth of talent that the NFL has, and has shown the league is in a strong position going forward.

Photo Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports