Pittsburgh Steelers QB Admits Regret Over Free Agency

The Pittsburgh Steelers, despite a 6-1 record down the stretch, were unable to qualify for the playoffs in the AFC in 2022, finishing the year at 9-8 with a bright future, led by the likes of George Pickens, T.J. Watt and their new starting Quarterback Kenny Pickett.

Pickett won the job over Mitchell Trubisky early in the year, and following the end of the season, he admitted that he had some regrets about the way free agency played out, as he rushed to making a decision on day one of free agency, where he would only start four games in favour of the standout rookie.

This isn't to say that he wouldn't have signed in Pittsburgh, but given that they were obviously going to take a Quarterback early, there's a good chance that a different decision would have been made, but with just one year left on his contract, he's got the opportunity to find a new job following the 2023 season.

Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports