Dallas Cowboys QB Upset The Team Moved On From Offensive Coordinator

The Dallas Cowboys may have fallen short of a deep playoff run once again, but in 2022, they were one of the best regular season teams in the NFL, and it's believed they are right on the cusp of finally fulfilling their potential as a team.

It shocked the NFL world this off-season then when it was revealed the team opted to part ways with star Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore, and now, it's been revealed that Dak Prescott understandably wasn't too happy with the decision either. 

Under Moore, the Cowboys were consistently a top-10 offence in the NFL, with stars at running back and on the outside, but now, he'll be working with Justin Herbert and the Chargers, and the Cowboys will be looking to finally take the next step without him.

Photo Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports