Green Bay Packers Believe Young QB Is Ready To Start In 2023

The Green Bay Packers are seemingly once again at the mercy of Aaron Rodgers, as they, like the rest of the NFL world await his decision following the darkness retreat, but this season, there certainly seems to be a different feel around the team.

Last year, they needed Rodgers if they were to compete in the NFC North, but in 2023, there have been rumblings, and now it has been confirmed that the Packers believe Jordan Love can be their starter on a successful team, so if Rodgers does want to leave, they'll have no problem moving him.

Given their issues with the salary cap, this would also help them work through that and add weapons on both sides of the ball, so while they'll still be waiting to hear back from the four-time MVP, it's clear they've got plenty of directions to go in.

Photo Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports