Philadelphia Eagles Proposes Change To Onside Kick Rule

The NFL has been one of the most innovative leagues in North America for years now, but like other sports and other businesses, they sometimes fall behind, and it falls on teams to suggest changes that could improve the game for the better, and this past weekend, that's exactly what happened.

After seeing the XFL's rule regarding onside kicks (if a team doesn't want to onside kick but wants to recover the ball, they can opt for a 4th and 15 play on their own 25 yard line), the Philadelphia Eagles have decided to take that to the NFL.

It's unclear whether or not it will go through, as they will need 24/32 votes for this change to pass, but after seeing the suggestions surrounding the XFL's innovative kickoff be shot down, it's hard to see this one happening. 

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports