Legendary QB Quickly Shut Down A Reunion With New England Patriots This Off-Season

Two days ago, the NFL world was once again rocked by the retirement of Tom Brady, and this time, it's likely for real, but it didn't come until he'd vetted his options for the 2023 season, including taking a look at San Francisco, Las Vegas and a return to Tampa Bay.

When asked about a potential return to his former team the New England Patriots, Brady reportedly shut down the idea 'very quickly', and given the less than stellar nature of their relationship since he left, this shouldn't come as any major surprise.

The GOAT ended his 20 year career in New England with 6 Super Bowls, 3 MVP's and a list of records that will stand for quite some time, but it's become clear that once he moved on, he moved on for good, and after 23-years, he was done for good.

Photo Credit: Bob Breidenbach / USA TODAY NETWORK