NFL Rumors: Las Vegas Raiders Linked to Quarterback

The San Francisco 49ers have made it known that they are not considering bringing back Jimmy Garoppolo next season. As a result, rumors are swirling over where the veteran QB will end up. One team that is reportedly considering the prospect of making a push for him is the Las Vegas Raiders. 

The Raiders' season of course ended in a memorable way, as they sat out Derek Carr for the final weeks. As a result, Carr's time in Las Vegas is coming to a close, and a trade is expected to occur at some point during the offseason. With this, the Raiders have an open spot at starting QB, and Jimmy G stands out as a real candidate to fill it.

Nevertheless, we will need to wait and see if the Raiders end up being the team that brings in Garoppolo for next season from here.

photo credit: © Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports