Arizona Cardinals Rumors: 3 Frontrunners for DeAndre Hopkins

At the time of this writing, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has not been traded. However, things are expected to change quickly on that front, as interest in his services is starting to skyrocket. As a result, let's discuss the current three frontrunners in the Hopkins sweepstakes. 

New England Patriots: After losing Jakobi Meyers through free agency, the New England Patriots are stepping up their efforts to land another high-impact wide receiver. As a result, it is not surprising in the slightest that they are currently linked to Hopkins. On paper, a perfect match could be there. 

Tennessee Titans: The Tennessee Titans want to get things back on track in 2023, and a major way to help make that occur would be to improve at the WR position. Thus, it makes sense that they are looking at Hopkins as a possible option. He would become one of their top offensive weapons if acquired, so the Titans should consider it. 

Cleveland Browns: The Cleveland Browns have been linked to a number of receivers this offseason, but Hopkins is reportedly at the top of their list. Thus, they are easily among the current frontrunners for his services. 

photo credit: © Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports