Baltimore Ravens Rumors: 3 Possible Landing Spots for Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson has officially requested a trade from the Baltimore Ravens, and he should be on the move shortly because of it. As a result, let's discuss three potential landing spots for the star quarterback. 

Atlanta Falcons: The Atlanta Falcons have been heavily linked to Jackson, and now seems like the perfect time for them to bring him in. If they hope to be competitive again, Jackson is exactly the QB that they need to help make that come to fruition.

Indianapolis Colts: Since Andrew Luck's retirement, the Indianapolis Colts have had an array of starting quarterbacks, and none of them have worked out long-term. As a way to stop this ongoing issue, the Colts should consider going all-in for Jackson. He has the potential to be their starter for several years, and that is exactly what the Colts need right now. 

Carolina Panthers: The Carolina Panthers have made several moves this offseason in hopes of being more competitive in 2023. However, if they want to truly be a playoff team, they need a high-impact quarterback like Jackson on their roster. If they acquire him, they would surely become favorites in the NFC South.

photo credit: © Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports