Dallas Cowboys Confirm They Will Franchise Tag Running Back By Deadline

This off-season, we are likely to see even more historic contracts given the rise in recent times, but it's still the franchise tag that allows teams to retain key players at a cheaper rate, and so far, it looks like we'll see plenty of those in the coming days.

The running back is a position that will come up in that conversation plenty, and today, the Dallas Cowboys all but confirmed that if they can't reach a long-term agreement with Tony Pollard, they would indeed use the franchise tag on him. 

2022 was a breakout season for Pollard, and with the rumours that Ezekiel Elliott could be cut this off-season, he becomes even more important, but regardless, if he can continue getting more and more touches, the Cowboys seemingly have found themselves another star. 

Photo Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports