Houston Texans Sign Tackle to Big Contract Extension

The Houston Texans have signed Laremy Tunsil to a three-year contract extension. Tunsil can make up to $75 million during this deal, and it comes with a guaranteed $60 million. 

It is not too surprising to see that the Texans were willing to sign Tunsil to this massive extension, as he is a major part of their roster, and he was named to his third career Pro Bowl Game because of it. As a result, Houston needed to ensure that he would be a part of their roster long term, and now they have done just that by signing him to this extension.

Tunsil will now continue to be a major part of the Texans' roster as they aim to get things back on track moving forward. We will need to wait and see what other moves the Texans end up making from here. Perhaps this could be an indicator that they are ready to make some notable additions to their group as they aim to be competitive again.

photo credit: © Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports