Los Angeles Chargers Expected To Release Veteran In The Coming Days

The Los Angeles Chargers took a big step forward in 2022, but if they want to show that they are genuine contenders in a suddenly crowded AFC, they'll need to make some moves this off-season, and reportedly, one could be coming very, very soon.

That move is likely the release of veteran superstar Khalil Mack, who was acquired last year in a blockbuster deal, and surprisingly, he played quite well, but with the salary cap squeeze being felt by many teams, it makes sense for them to move on.

With such a high cap hit, it's hard to see him being on the roster in 2023, but if a team out there can get Mack for a palatable number, they will be adding one of the best defenders in the NFL with plenty of experience and a veteran leadership, so this move makes sense for both parties. 

Photo Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports