New York Giants Contract Talks With QB 'Progressing Well'

The New York Giants come into the 2023 off-season looking to bring back several key free agents if they are to take a step forward next season, and lately, it appears that those free agents are looking to get paid, potentially beyond the means of New York.

One of those names is Daniel Jones, who is reportedly seeking over $45M per season, and while it's clear that the Giants aren't willing to go that high, the talks between the two sides have been going well as of late, with a deal being done by Tuesday not seeming unreasonable at this point. 

It's not clear yet whether a deal will happen, but the conversation is certainly a good thing for both sides, and if the Giants want to compete, bringing back Jones at a reasonable price is the best thing for them, so we will wait and see whether they meet his price or not.

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports