San Francisco 49ers Veteran Wants A Move Back To His Preferred Position

The San Francisco 49ers defence was about as deep and talented as we've ever seen in 2022, with the Defensive Player of the Year to go along with a great group of linebackers and defensive backs, but this off-season, they could potentially be losing a player or two.

One of those is veteran defensive back Jimmie Ward, and after making a move to slot corner in 2022, he's reportedly looking to return to safety regardless of where he ends up, and with a need around the league, it's very likely that will be a reality.

Ward may no longer be the difference maker that he once was, but he can still contribute to a team as a player and as a presence in the locker room, so expect him to draw plenty of interest as a safety when free agency hits.

Photo Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports