Los Angeles Chargers Re-Sign Speedy Wide Receiver

The Los Angeles Chargers have decided to re-sign wide receiver Jalen Guyton, despite his ACL tear last season.

In a recent report by Daniel Popper of The Athletic, it was revealed that the team did not tender him an offer as a restricted free agent earlier this offseason, but they were able to bring him back at a lower rate.

Guyton is renowned for his speed and proficiency as a deep threat, having caught 61 passes for 1,023 yards and six touchdowns in his four seasons with the Chargers. However, he has only been targeted on 10 percent of his routes, indicating that the team may not have utilized his talents to the fullest.

Despite his injury and low target percentage, the Chargers seem to value Guyton's skills and are giving him another chance to prove himself on the field.

His reputation as a deep-threat receiver is valuable to the team's offense, and they may be relying on him to stretch the field and create opportunities for other players.

In conclusion, the Chargers are taking a calculated risk by re-signing Jalen Guyton, but they may have been able to do so at a more affordable price due to his restricted free agency status. Also, they'll likely continue to add to their receiver room via the NFL Draft later this month, giving Guyton more competition.

While Guyton's deep-threat abilities are valuable to the team, trying to maintain a healthy, well-rounded receiving corps to support their quarterback will be vital for a successful offense in the upcoming season. Photo Credit:  Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports