New England Patriots QB 'Energized' By Team Moving On From Polarizing Coach


The New England Patriots struggled in a big way last season, not finding the consistency that we've become accustomed too, with many people pointing to Offensive Coordinator Matt Patricia as a big reason for this, especially with the struggles of second year Quarterback Mac Jones.

Now, the team have made the right decision and moved on from Patricia, hiring a familiar face in the form of Bill O'Brien, and unsurprisingly, this has been a huge positive for Jones, who is said to be 'energized' with the shift to a proven Offensive Coordinator.

According to teammates and coaches, Jones looks more confident and is leading much better than he did in 2022, and while they've got better weapons and another year of experience under Jones' belt, it's very easy to see the connection between this and Patricia's departure, so let's see if it translates to the field when the regular season rolls around. 

Photo Credit: Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports