NFL Rumors: Reason for Buffalo Bills Star's Discontent Revealed

We finally have some insight into why things have been looking so tense in Buffalo. Speaking on the Rich Eisen Podcast, ESPN's Robert Griffin revealed that Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs' recent unhappiness stems from a lack of targets in the team's Divisional Round loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Diggs was seen arguing with Bills quarterback Josh Allen during the game and abruptly left the field and locker room following the loss. He has been in and out of off-season activities ever since.

"So I've talked with people close to the situation," Griffin said, per Cinci Jungle's Dadio Makdook, "and really what it boils down to is in that last game against the Bengals, Diggs was the most targeted receiver in that game. ... But when they were down 17, they had a 10-play drive that ended in a turnover on downs, and Diggs only got one ball thrown his way. So you would think that a player of Diggs' calibre, with the relationship that he has with Josh Allen, in those moments, he would look to him more often, more often. And that didn't happen. I think that was something that why we saw Diggs hold his hands up looking at Josh on the sideline when they had the little tiff that was shown on TV."

The Bills offense had a deeply frustrating performance in the loss, but it wasn't for lack of focus on Diggs: his 10 targets were right in line with his regular season per game average of 9.6. It simply wasn't the Bills' day; they got down early and never really managed to get in the game. They never held the ball in the second half with a chance at the lead and eventually fell 27-10.

All playoff exits are disappointing, particularly ones as listless as this one, but Diggs' frustration is unproductive. So long as he and Allen can get along, the Bills have a wide-open championship window. The Bills would be fools to part with either player, so for at least one more year, Allen and Diggs will have to learn to get along.  

Photo Credit: © Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports