NFL Rumors: 3 Favorites to Sign Dalvin Cook

Dalvin Cook is still looking for his new home, but it appears that there are now three favorites in the sweepstakes. The New England Patriots, New York Jets, and Miami Dolphins are all heavily linked to Cook. 

The Patriots are in serious need of a high-impact running back, so it makes sense that they are making a big push to land him. He would make their roster look a lot better on paper, and it could be the push they need to help compete against their AFC East rivals. 

The Jets have had a busy summer, but it appears that they are hoping to make one more notable move. Cook would help improve New York's running game significantly, and it would simply give them a strong offense in all areas. 

The Dolphins are always an AFC East team looking to have a big year. Cook has been linked to them for quite some time, and their interest in him is not going away. 

We will need to wait and see where Cook ends up going from here, but these three are the clear favorites right now. 

photo credit: © Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports