Browns Jarvis Landry Opens Up About Future in Cleveland

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry uncovered a ton of hidden details this week as he admitted he played through several injuries last season. After feeling like it was going to be a career year for the wideout, turns out that wasn't the case at all and Landry knows there's a chance the Browns move on this offseason.

Landry was recently highlighted as someone who could be getting cut this offseason. He spoke via Twitter earlier this week and had this to say about what went on last season:

(The) reality behind all this is I came back to play in the best shape of my life, I got hurt Week 2 with a high grade MCL sprain, partial quad tear, and bone bruise. (I) then came back way (too) early and ended up staying hurt the entire season. You never heard me mention anything about it. I have put the ball in (Cleveland's) court by telling them I would like to stay but if not then I'm confident enough in myself to be a better healthy me this year and moving forward to helping do my part in winning a championship elsewhere

The 29-year-old posted career lows in receptions (52), yards (520) and only recorded two scores in 12 games last season. Landry admitted he wasn't making himself available to the media on a regular basis because of his drive and motivation to get back on the field, he felt his attention was needed elsewhere. 

The veteran wide out has one season left on his contract with a $14.3 million salary. If he is cut by the Browns it will cost the team $1.5 million. Decisions, decisions in the dog pound.

Photo credit:  Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK