NFL Announces New Partnership With XFL

In some surprising news the NFL and XFL have announced a partnership which will be centered around innovating the sport and protecting the health of players.

XFL co-owner and chairwoman Dany Garcia met with the media earlier this week and had this to say about the new partnership:

We are bringing forward an XFL that is progressive and forward-thinking when it comes to innovation, leveraging the newest technology to enhance gameday experience. We have an open field for innovative rules to enhance in-game access. Sharing insights and practices between the XFL and NFL will do a tremendous amount of good for the game of football and support the player ecosystem overall

It's a bit head-scratching the XFL is even still relevant enough for a deal with the NFL, but that can be pointed in the direction of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. He's been a huge proponent to get the two to the table and the league is now expected to resume operations in the spring of 2023. The likes of Johnson, Garcia and RedBird Capital Partners was responsible for the latest purchase of the XFL and continue their work to relevancy.

Of things to expect, look for the collaboration to include mental heath programs, physical fitness programs and trying things out on trails like new playing surfaces and equipment. Should be an interesting partnership as The Rock and others try to reshape the game with a healthier balance moving forward.

Photo credit:  Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports