NFL 3 Stars For Week 6: Wide Receiver

The wide receiver position is so star studded in the NFL right now that we could include 10 players on this list each week, but there is some small differences that separate the good and great receivers from the absolute best, and this week, three players that are considered the elite of the elite all stood up and showed exactly why they are in a class of their own. 

3. Ja'Marr Chase

Stat line: 7 catches, 132 yards, 2 Touchdowns.

After an amazing rookie campaign, many wondered whether Ja'Marr Chase would be able to back it up in 2022, and thus far, he hasn't been as good, but in a Week 7 victory over the New Orleans Saints, he was at his absolute best. The connection with Burrow and Chase has been well documented, and if the two stay together for their careers, they'll do some special things, with Chase especially, who continues to make his case for being one of the top receivers in the entire league. 

2. Stefon Diggs

Stat line: 10 catches, 148 yards, 1 Touchdown.

The Josh Allen-Stefon Diggs connection has been amazing from the moment Diggs got to Buffalo, and even with all the other weapons on this team, these two find a way to do some amazing things each and every time they step on a football field together. Allen is on pace for MVP, and if Diggs stays healthy, there's no doubting he'll continue to be the favourite, and in the process, Stefon has solidified himself as a top-5 receiver in the NFL.

1. Tyreek Hill

Stat line: 12 catches, 177 yards, 0 Touchdowns.

Many attributed Tyreek Hill's success to the fact that he played with Patrick Mahomes for most of his career, but after putting up these numbers in 2022 with Tua Tagovailoa, Teddy Bridgewater and Skylar Thompson at Quarterback, his greatness can no longer be diminished. Once again, Hill had over 10 catches and over 150 yards receiving, something he's done routinely in 2022 with the exception of the Week 5 loss to the New York Jets, and although he didn't get to the end zone in Week 6, Hill is again showing why he's the best in the game. 

Photo Credit: Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports