NFL Rumors: Final Four Teams In Brandin Cooks Sweepstakes Revealed

The NFL trade deadline is today, and while there's been some major moves made already by Philadelphia, Kansas City and Baltimore, the best is likely to come today sometime, and one of the players whose trade could make the biggest impact is Houston's Brandin Cooks, who seems almost a certainty to be moved today.

The Texans receiver is off to a solid start, and in his NFL career, which began back in 2014, he has six seasons of 1,000 yards receiving or more, a consistent ability which would be invaluable to so many teams around the league right now. The Texans aren't anywhere close to contending, so making this move for them makes sense, especially if they are looking to build long-term, as they could potentially net a second round pick for the upcoming 2023 draft, as well as a day 3 pick, which has reportedly been their asking price.

There's many teams out there that could use his skillset, but on the day of his potential move, the destinations have been narrowed down to the LA Rams, Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys, and if Cooks ends up with any of these teams, he takes them from good teams to potentially great ones.

Photo Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports