NFL Rumors: Texans Asking Price For Receiver Revealed

The NFL trade deadline is about to heat up, with just days to go, and one of the biggest pieces out there is the Houston Texans star receiver Brandin Cooks, who has put up six 1,000 yard receiving games in his career, and is already garnering plenty of attention.

We don't yet know how motivated the team is to move him to a contender, but we now do know Houston's asking price for the veteran star, as it has been revealed that the team is a 'second round pick, as well as an additional Day 3 pick', and given the difference he can make immediately to a playoff contender, the price certainly seems worth it.

The $18 million in salary that Cooks is owed may be a completely different story, but this is the time of year that teams get desperate in order to improve, and acquiring Cooks may be a big move, but could pay off big time down the line. We've already heard that at least four NFC contenders are interested, and as the deadline grows nearer, there's likely to be others to join the bidding war, and now, they know exactly what his services will cost.

Photo Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports