NFL Rumours: The Saints And Eagles Could Do A Major Deal Under One Condition

Over the past few days, there has been growing chatter about New Orleans Saints star running back Alvin Kamara, and his availability days ahead of the 2022 NFL trade deadline, and after missing out on Christian McCaffrey, the Philadelphia Eagles have emerged as the leading candidate to land the former All-Pro. 

According to an anonymous NFL General Manager, the Saints are interested in making a move, but that would come under one condition, and that is that Philadelphia return the first-round pick New Orleans traded to them, and while that does seem like a high price, adding Kamara to this offence would make them even more dangerous than they already are.

It's not yet known how serious discussions are, and if it would ever even get to the stage of making a deal, but if Philadelphia want to go all-in on the 2022 NFL season, this is a move than they could definitely make. The NFL trade deadline is on Tuesday, so if a deal is to be done, it will likely take place on Monday, shortly after both teams engage in their respective Week 8 matchups, and if a deal were to get done, it could change the entire complexion of the NFC landscape going forward.

Photo Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports