Pittsburgh Believe Rookie QB Can Return To Practice On Wednesday

The Pittsburgh Steelers had a major upset in Week 6 over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, keeping their season alive, but it didn't come at a cost, as rookie Quarterback Kenny Pickett left the game with a suspected concussion, leading to veteran Mitch Trubisky to finish off the close 20-18 victory, getting their record back to 2-4. After the mishandling of the Tua Tagovailoa situation down in Miami, there will no doubt be extra attention paid to Pickett throughout the week, but Mike Tomlin and the Steelers believe the young QB should be ready to go for practice tomorrow.

With the Steelers coming up against Miami this week, they'll need to be at full strength to build momentum from the Week 6 win, and the team has made it clear that if Pickett can get through the week of practice ahead, he will 100% be the starter for the crucial game. 

Pickett hasn't been perfect early in his career, but has used his legs effectively, and if he can get a healthy defence and some consistency going with this team, he's going to be a solid starter for this franchise. Hopefully he can get through concussion protocol, and on Sunday, we will get a fun young QB matchup, as Tagovailoa is expected to return from his concussion injuries as Miami look to again get over .500.

Photo Credit: Michael Longo/For USA Today Network / USA TODAY NETWORK