Disgruntled Texans Receiver Speaks Out Through Cryptic Tweet, In Midst Of Trade Speculation

A lot of noise was made in the 2022-23 NFL trade deadline on Tuesday, but as always not every player is happy by the end of it. Houston Texans wide receiver Brandin Cooks, who was not moved after the 2022-23 NFL trade deadline, was one of the those 'unhappy' players.

The trade speculation around the Texan's pass-catcher over the past few weeks trickled down to the wire of Tuesday's deadline and he took to his Twitter page right as it concluded at 4 p.m. EST, to voice his anger surrounding his ongoing status as a Texan. 

"Don't take a man's kindness for granted," he tweeted. "Covered for the lies for too long those days are done. Crossed the line with playing my career." 

Cooks, who missed practice on Monday amid trade talks, was one of the main wideouts in the center of all trade talks during this year's NFL trade deadline. By his own cryptic words,  he seems triggered at his Texans club by the constant trade rumors he endured over the past several weeks and appears to be at the brink of no return. 

Houston (1-5) are currently at the basement of their AFC South division following an ongoing two-game losing streak, with their most recent Sunday defeat (17-10) against the Titans. Not trading Cooks could mean a few things, the Texans may not have received the appropriate compensation to their liking, and/or decided to stick by their lead receiver. 

The eight-year NFL veteran, who joined Houston in 2020, has been quite productive in his career. He caught 203 receptions for 2,541 yards, and 13 touchdowns in his tenure as a Texan. Also, in six out of his eight NFL campaigns, he has hauled in at least 1,000 yards receiving. 

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