Seahawks Linebacker Blasts Quality Of Playing Surface In Germany

In recent weeks, one of the biggest stories in the NFL is the quality of the playing surfaces all over the league, as plenty of the players, agents and coaches around the league believe that turf fields have been a big part of the reasons for all of the non-contact ankle and knee injuries happening around the league in recent times.

Many have called for the NFL to do away with the artificial turf and move towards natural grass fields, and one player that has clearly made his voice heard on this issue today is Seahawks Linebacker Bruce Irivn, who took to Twitter to blast the quality of playing surface in Week 10.

At this point, the NFL have continued to double down on the turf fields, but if players keep speaking out on the issue, they may have no choice but to do something, and considering the injuries we've seen as of late, it's only a matter of time.

Photo Credit:  Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports