NFL Rumors: Houston Texans to Target QB in Free Agency

The Houston Texans finished the 2022 season with a disastrous 3-13-1 record. Needless to say, it was a nightmare of a campaign for them, and they are expected to make notable changes to their current roster because of it. One area that they are aiming to improve is the quarterback position, and now there are rumblings that they will be one of the teams that will pursue Jimmy Garoppolo heavily this offseason because of it. 

Garoppolo is finally ready to get the change of scenery that he has needed all year. The 6-foot-2 quarterback is one of the best available in free agency, so several teams already have him on their radar. Yet, the Texans also have money to work with, so they certainly could send him a big enough offer for him to head to Houston. 

Garoppolo appeared in 11 games this past season with the 49ers, where he threw 16 touchdowns, four interceptions, and 2,437 yards. Overall, it was another solid year for him, and now he will be hoping to find a new home that will have him as their permanent number-one starter. As a result, do not be surprised if the Texans win the sweepstakes from here.

photo credit: © Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports