Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals Settle Tampering Dispute, Exchange Draft Picks

The Philadelphia Eagles are moving up in the 2023 NFL Draft. Per ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Eagles have settled a tampering dispute with the Arizona Cardinals regarding inappropriate contact with former Eagles defensive coordinator and new Cardinals head coach Jonathan Gannon. The Eagles will receive the 66th overall pick in exchange for the 94th pick and a 2024th fifth-round pick.

According to the Jimmy Johnson trade value chart, long the standard for draft trades, the difference between the 66th pick and the 94th pick (plus the 2024 fifth) is the equivalent of a late third-round pick or early fourth-round pick. That's a significant sum considering how much teams covet draft picks.

Settling a tampering dispute in the NFL is largely unheard of. Typically, the NFL merely hands down a penalty to the offending team. The Miami Dolphins were hammered last offseason for tampering with New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. In 2016, the Chiefs and head coach Andy Reid were fined and docked a third-round pick and a sixth-round pick for illegally pursuing wide receiver Jeremy Maclin.

Settling is a huge win for the Eagles: with or without improper communication, Gannon was out the door after a successful 2022 season that included a Super Bowl berth. Tampering disputes typically don't result in the victimized team being compensated. On the off chance the NFL was feeling generous following an investigation, they wouldn't have been rewarded until next year's draft at the earliest, and likely not as lucratively. In any case, both the Eagles and Cardinals are probably happy to have this uncomfortable situation behind them.

Barring another trade, the Eagles will make their pick about mid-way through Day 2 on Friday night.

Photo Credit: © Patrick Breen/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK